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Web Hooks

This is for Web Hooks management.


Ginee Open API enable you to receive notifications whenever particular changes are made to Ginee. You can subscribe to notifications for a wide variety of events, including:

  • Order
  • Delivery order

Get Started

Step 1. Determine which events to subscribe to

A webhook notification is sent whenever a relevant event occurs you subscribe to. Every event has a type of CREATE, UPDATE, or DELETE, depending on the action it represents for its related entity. For example, the order create event occurs when a new order is initiated on Ginee.

You can subscribe to notifications for any combination of the following entities:

Entity Event Types Description
order CREATE An order has been created
delivery-order CREATE,UPDATE,DELETE An delivery order has been created

Step 2. Provide a endpoint URL for receiving notifications

The URL of your server endpoint that will receive all webhook notifications.


Please contact Ginee staff and provide the informations above.

Step 3. Receiving webhooks

When a webhook event that you’ve subscribed to occurs, Ginee Open API sends a POST request to your server endpoint with the details of the event.

Webhook notification requests have same data structure, for example:


curl -X POST  \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
    "id": GENIE5FF31A7C5F15030001D3ED5F,
    "entity": "delivery-order",
    "action": "CREATE",
    "createAt": "2020-12-24T06:45:29.174Z",
    "payload": {

You should always respond with a 200 status code to indicate that you received the notification.

200 OK


  "status": true

Request Parameters

Parameter Description
id string(required) Unique id for each notification
entity string(required) Entity value
action string(required) Event type (CREATE, UPDATE, DELETE)
createAt UTC timestamp(optional) Timestamp that a notification created
payload object(required) Payload message, see details below

Payload Messages


Payload Parameters

Parameter Description
orderId string Order id in Ginee
channel string Please refer to Ginee Channel for details
shopId string Shop id in Ginee
externalShopId string Channel shop id
orderStatus string Order status
createAt UTC timestamp Order create time
payAt UTC timestamp Order pay time
lastUpdateAt UTC timestamp Order update time


"id": "GENIE5FF31A7C5F15030001D3ED5E",
"userId": "1",
"entity": "order",
"action": "CREATE",
"createAt": "2020-12-24T06:45:29.174Z",
"user": {
    "id": "1",
    "email": ""
"payload": {
    "orderId": "order_1",
    "channel": "LAZADA_ID",
    "shopId": "shop_1",
    "externalShopId": "channel_shop_1",
    "orderStatus": "PAID",
    "createAt": "2020-12-24T06:20:29.174Z",
    "payAt": "2020-12-24T06:20:29.174Z",
    "lastUpdateAt": "2020-12-24T06:20:29.174Z"


Need provide an url to update delivery order status instantly. The push data please refer to List Delivery Order for API response data.

Parameter Description
warehouseProviderId string Warehouse provider id in Ginee
warehouseId string Warehouse id in Ginee
warehouseCode string Warehouse id in provider
ownerId string Owner id in Ginee
ownerCode string Owner id in provider
deliveryOrderId string Delivery order id
deliveryOrderSn string Delivery order sn
sourceOrderId string The unique order id in Ginee
sourceOrderSn string The unique id in channel
deliveryOrderType string Delivery order type
deliveryOrderStatus string Delivery order status
createAt UTC timestamp Delivery order create time
lastUpdateAt UTC timestamp Delivery order create time
channel string Please refer to Ginee Channel for details
waybillUrl string Waybill url
trackingNumber string Tracking number
shop object Shop information
shippingAddress object Shipping address
senderAddress object Sender address
orderItems arrays Please refer to Order Item for details
logisticsProvider string Logistics Provider


Parameter Description
shopId string Shop id in Ginee
shopName string Shop name
shopUrl string Shop url
externalShopId string Shop id in e-commerce platform


Parameter Description
deliveryOrderId string Delivery order id
deliveryOrderItemId string Delivery order item id
inventoryId string Inventory id in Ginee
inventorySku string Inventory sku
inventoryName string Inventory name
quantity integer Quantity
orderId string Order id
orderItemId string Order item id


        "shop": {
            "shopId": "",
            "shopName": "",
            "shopUrl": "",
            "externalShopId": ""
            "phoneNumber":"+62 81283278337",
            "province":"DKI Jakarta",
            "city":"Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat",
            "fullAddress":",Grogol,Kota Administrasi Jakarta Barat,DKI Jakarta,11440"
            "phoneNumber":"+62 11111111111",
            "province":"DKI Jakarta",
            "city":"Kota Administrasi Jakarta Timur",
            "district":"Pulo Gadung",
            "fullAddress":"cipinang kebembem, pulogadung Kec. Pulo GadungKota Jakarta Timur"


    "id" : "GENIE606D4BF6DC0E8200015A823D",
    "userId" : "MC601B800B4CEDFD0001DAD8B3",
    "entity" : "delivery-order",
    "action" : "DELETE",
    "createAt" : "2021-04-07T06:06:46.494Z",
    "user" : {
        "_id" : "MC601B800B4CEDFD0001DAD8B3",
        "email" : ""
    "payload" : {
        "warehouseProviderId" : "WWP60116F5C5F15030001797451",
        "warehouseId" : "WW601170005F15030001797452",
        "warehouseCode" : "021DCB",
        "ownerId" : "WDO606D24DD46E0FB0001D87335",
        "ownerCode" : "021DCB00024",
        "channel" : "SHOPEE_ID",
        "waybillUrl" : "",
        "trackingNumber" : "JP9581135490",
        "deliveryOrderId" : "WDO606D24DD46E0FB0001D87335",
        "deliveryOrderSn" : "2100040700007863",
        "sourceOrderId" : "SO606D095FDC0E820001973145",
        "sourceOrderSn" : "210407DAAABW8C",
        "deliveryOrderType" : "SALE_ORDER",
        "createAt" : "2021-04-07T03:19:57.000Z",
        "lastUpdateAt" : "2021-04-07T06:06:46.490Z"