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Warehouse API

API Name Description
GetWarehouseInfo Get warehouse info
SearchWarehouse List warehouse
BatchUpdateWarehouse Update warehouse
ListWarehouseInventory List warehouse inventory
GetWarehouseInventory Get warehouse inventory details
BatchDelete Delete warehouse inventory in batch
AdjustInventory Update stock
UpdateAvailableStock Update available stock
UpdateSpareStock Update spare stock
PurchaseInboundOrder Create purchase inbound order,Increase warehouse product inventory
PurchaseInboundOrderExecuteBatch Execute purchase inbound orders in batch
CompleteInboundOrder Complete inbound order
PurchaseInboundOrderCancel Cancel purchase inbound order
GetOutboundOrder Get Outbound Order Details
GetInboundOrder Get Inbound Order Details
ManualOutboundOrderCreate Create manual outbound order,Deduction of warehouse product inventory
ManualOutboundOrderExecuteBatch Execute manual outbound orders in batch
ManualOutboundOrderCancel Cancel manual outbound order
CreateWarehouseShelves Create warehouse shelves
WarehouseShelvesSearch List warehouse shelves
WarehouseShelvesFindById Update warehouse shelves
WarehouseShelvesBatchUpdate Update warehouse shelves in batch
BatchAddProduct Update warehouse shelves and add product in batch
GetBatchAddProductResult Use this api to get the result of add inventory in specified warehouses and combo in batch