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Use this API to get detailed information of the specified outbound.

POST /openapi/fulfillment/outbound/v1/detail

Request Body

Parameter Type Required Description
outboundNo string true Identifiers of outbound

Response Body

Name Type Description
code string SUCCESS | ERROR
message string The status code detailed explanation.
data object Please refer to Response Data for details
extra string An exception message (should be empty most of the time).
transactionId string An unique string identifier for each request.
pricingStrategy string Shows you whether this api call will be charged by Ginee, currently all APIs are FREE even though this tag is PAY.

Response Data

Parameter Type Description
outboundNo string Identifiers of outbound
warehouseId long The GineeWms warehouse Id
warehouseName string The GineeWms warehouse name
outboundBillId long The GineeWms outbound Id
outboundBillNo string The GineeWms outbound number
wmsOrderNo string The GineeWms order number
channelOrderNo string Channel Order Number
packageNo string Parcel number
packageType string Please refer to Package Type for details
outboundBillType string Please refer to Outbound Bill Type for details
outboundBillStatus string Please refer to Outbound Bill Status for details
logisticName string Logistics provider name
trackingNumber string Logistics tracking number
outboundTime string Outbound time
startPickingTime string Start picking time
finishPickingTime string Finsh picking time
packageTime string Packing time
recipient string Name of the recipient of the order
recipientAddress string Address of the recipient of the order
orderTime string Order placement time
remark string remark
pickPrint boolean Is the pick list printed
deliveryPrint boolean Is the bill of fare printed
sourceBillNo string Source order number
reviewFlag boolean Review flag
reviewStatus string Please refer to Review Status for details
outboundType string Please refer to Outbound Type for details
pickingFlag boolean Picking or not
waveNo string wave number
waveId long wave Id
outboundWaveStatus string Please refer to Outbound Wave Status for details
secondaryPickUserId string Picker User ID
secondaryPickUserName string Picker User Name
baleUserId string Packing staff id
baleUserName string Packing staff name
exceptionReason string Reason for abnormality
outboundConfirmFlag string Outbound confirmation mark(in_delivery, delivery_failed, delivery_success)
totalRequestQuantity int Total outbound quantity
channelShopId string Channel shop id
channelShopName string Channel shop name
channel string Please refer to Ginee Channel for details
detailList object[] Details of the sku to be stocked See DetailList
faceSheetPdfPath string Logistics label pdf link address (required when the recipient name and recipient address are empty)
expiration string Order cut-off shipping time
deliveryType string Delivery type (for list display and face sheet display)
deliveryMethod string Please refer to Delivery method for details
orderSource string Please refer to Order Source for details
createTime string Create time
lastUpdateTime string Last update time


Name Type Description
outboundDetailId long Outbound Detail Id
itemId long Item Id
itemSku string Item SKU
itemName string Item Name
requestQuantity int Outbound quantity

Request Example


curl -X POST  \
-H "X-Advai-Country: ID" \
-H "Authorization: {Your Access Key} + ':' + signature" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
    }' \
"{Ginee Host}/openapi/fulfillment/outbound/v1/detail"


    "code": "SUCCESS",
    "message": "OK",
    "data": {
        "createTime": "2022-11-01T10:48:33Z",
        "lastUpdateTime": "2022-11-01T10:48:33Z",
        "outboundBillId": 1587396167610798080,
        "outboundBillNo": "OB2022110100001",
        "wmsOrderNo": "GW2022110100001",
        "outboundNo": "test_openapi_20221027-1613168543328111",
        "channelOrderNo": "channel_order_20221027-16131632919",
        "packageNo": "GW2022110100002",
        "packageType": "1",
        "outboundBillType": "1",
        "outboundBillStatus": "wait_picking",
        "warehouseId": 1584459169426288640,
        "warehouseName": "openapi_test_no",
        "trackingNumber": "161316",
        "logisticName": "test data",
        "outboundTime": null,
        "startPickingTime": null,
        "finishPickingTime": null,
        "packageTime": null,
        "recipient": "test data",
        "recipientAddress": "test data",
        "orderTime": null,
        "remark": null,
        "pickPrint": false,
        "deliveryPrint": false,
        "sourceBillNo": null,
        "reviewFlag": null,
        "outboundType": null,
        "pickingFlag": false,
        "waveNo": "",
        "waveId": 0,
        "outboundWaveStatus": "",
        "secondaryPickUserId": null,
        "baleUserId": null,
        "secondaryPickUserName": null,
        "baleUserName": null,
        "exceptionReason": null,
        "outboundConfirmFlag": null,
        "reviewStatus": "NO_REVIEW",
        "channel": "LAZADA_ID",
        "channelShopId": "0213231",
        "channelShopName": "ABCRP",
        "expiration": "2022-04-29T02:27:20Z",
        "orderSource": "channel_order",
        "totalRequestQuantity": null,
        "detailList": [
                "outboundDetailId": 1587396167673712640,
                "itemId": 1585177639109455872,
                "itemSku": "textM7",
                "itemName": "test data",
                "requestQuantity": 2
        "deliveryMethod": "PICK_UP",
        "deliveryType": "test data"
"extra": null,
"transactionId": "3d6523886f646e6d"


    "code": "PARAMETER_ERROR",
    "message": "Parameter is invalid: Parameter should not be empty: outboundNo ",
    "data": null,
    "extra": null