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Inbound/Outbound Webhooks

Post requests are sent when inbound and outbound are complete

Payload Parameters

Parameter Type Description
billNo string InboundNo / OutboundNo
status string Inbound Status Please refer to Inbound Status for details; Outbound Status Please refer to Outbound Status for details
billType string 1 = Inbound; 2 = Outbound;
detailList object[] When bill type is 1; This field will display details Details. See DetailList


Parameter Type Description
itemSku string Item Sku
requestQuantity int Inbound Quantity
actualQuantity int Actual inbound quantity


"payload": {
    "billNo": "20221031200841c2d1628b7bdc425899c62eec848e1413cdeh",
    "billType": 1,
    "status": "completed_inbound",
    "detailList": [
            "itemSku": "68197757",
            "requestQuantity": 999,
            "actualQuantity": 910