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Use this api to cancel order.

POST /openapi/order/v2/cancel

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
orderInfoList Arrary(OrderInfo) true Array of object, please refer to OrderInfo for details


Parameter Type Required Description
orderId String true Ginee order Id
cancelId String true cancel reason id,see Order CancelId for details, If the channel exists in the catalogue, you need to pass the cancelId, otherwise you don't need to
cancelNote String false cancel note
channelEnum String ture channel,see Channel for details

Response Parameters

Name Type Description
orderId string Order id in Ginee

Request Example


bash curl -X POST \ -H "X-Advai-Country: ID" \ -H "Authorization: {Your Access Key} + ':' + signature" \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -d '{ "orderInfoList": [ { "orderId": "SO633199C959080100011926F8", "cancelId": "", "cancelNote": "luobingkai-test", "channelEnum":"MANUAL_ID" } ] }' \ "{Ginee Host}/openapi/order/v2/cancel"


    "data": "SO5F609DC052FAFF000134FC62",


    "code": "BUSINESS_ERROR",
    "message": "This order operation channel does not support",
    "data": "SO5F609DC052FAFF000134FC62",
    "extra": null,
    "pricingStrategy": "FREE"


You need to check the code to see if the operation was successful. If failed, see message for detail reason.