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Use this api to get multiple order detail.

POST /openapi/order/v1/batch-get

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
orderIds array false An array of Order ids,No more than 100 at a time, If using orderId query, shopId and channelOrderIds are not required.
shopId string false Shop id in Ginee
channelOrderIds array(string) false Channel market order id,Maximum 100,If using channelOrderIds query, shopId and channelOrderIds are required, orderId is not.
historicalData boolean false Whether it is historical data, if it is more than 3 months from the current time, it is historical data and the value should be true, if it is within 3 months, it is not historical data and can be ignored, default false
includedSection array(string) false Supported Enum values: [SHIPPING_DOCUMENT_INFO]. Set this field if you need more information to be returned. SHIPPING_DOCUMENT_INFO: return the Shipping Document Info section in the response body. Currently, we ONLY support Indonesian Tiktok Shop

Response Parameters

Name Type Description
orderId string Order id in Ginee
channel string Please refer to Ginee Channel for details
shopId string shop id in Ginee
orderType string Please refer to Order Type for details
orderStatus string Please refer to Order Status for details
country string Please refer to Country for details
currency string Currency
fakerOrder boolean Fake order marking
totalAmount decimal Order total amount
paymentMethod string Payment method
payAt UTC timestamp Order pay time
promisedToShipBefore UTC timestamp Promised to ship before
createAt UTC timestamp Order create time
closeAt UTC timestamp Order Complete time
lastUpdateAt UTC timestamp Order last update time
externalShopId string Channel shop id
externalOrderId string Channel order id
externalOrderSn string Channel order sn
externalOrderStatus string Channel order status
externalCreateAt UTC timestamp Channel order create time
externalUpdateAt UTC timestamp Channel order update time
customerInfo object See Customer Info
paymentInfo object See Payment Info
shippingAddressInfo object See Address Info
senderAddressInfo object See Address Info
billingAddressInfo object See Address Info
items object See Order Item
logisticsInfos array A array contains logistics informations, see Logistics Info
shippingDocumentInfo object See ShippingDocument Info
cancelInfo object See Cancel Info
extraInfo object See Extra Info
printInfo object See Print Info

Customer Info

Name Type Description
customerId string Customer id
externalCustomerId string External customer id
name string Customer name
mobile string Customer mobile
email string Customer email

Payment Info

Name Type Description
id string Ginee payment id
currency string Currency code
totalAmount decimal The total amount of orders
subTotal decimal Order item amount
totalShippingFee decimal Order total shipping amount
totalDiscounts decimal Order total discount amount
totalTaxation decimal Order taxation amount
insuranceFee decimal Order insurance fee
codTotalAmount decimal Order cod total amount
shippingFeePaidBySystem decimal Shipping Fee Paid by System
commissionFee decimal Order Commission Fee
totalDiscountProduct decimal Total discount product
totalDiscountShipping decimal Total discount shipping
voucherPlatfom decimal Platform discount amount (voucher)
voucherSeller decimal Seller Discount Amount (Voucher)
sellerRebate decimal Seller Rebate
serviceFee decimal Order Service Fee
creditCardPromotion decimal Credit Card Promotion Offset Amount
creditCardTransactionFee decimal Credit Card Transaction Fee
creditCardServiceFee decimal Credit Card Service Fee
sellerReturnRefundAmount decimal Seller Return Refund Amount
cashback decimal Cash Back
coin decimal Amount Paid By Platform Gold Coins

Address Info

Name Type Description
id string Ginee address id
name string Recipient's name for the address
phoneNumber string Recipient's phone number input when order was placed
country string The two-digit code representing the country of the Recipient
province string The state/province of the recipient's address. Whether there is a state/province will depend on the region and/or country
city string The city of the recipient's address. Whether there is a city will depend on the region and/or country
district string The district of the recipient's address. Whether there is a district will depend on the region and/or country
zipCode string Recipient's postal code
fullAddress string The full address of the recipient, including country, state, even street, and etc

Order Item

Name Type Description
itemId string Order item id
productName string Product name
productImageUrl string Product image url
variationName string Variation name
spu string Spu
sku string Sku
masterSku string Master sku
masterSkuType string NORMAL、BUNDLE
quantity integer Quantity
actualPrice decimal Actual price
actualTotalPrice decimal Actual total price
originalPrice decimal Original price
originalTotalPrice decimal Original total price
discountedPrice decimal Discounted price
externalItemId string External item id
externalVariationId string External variation id
externalProductId string External Product id
externalOrderItemStatus string External order item status
isGift boolean Gift tag,true is a gift
isFulfilByPlatform boolean The mark of whether is fulfilled by Platform, true indicates fulfilment by the platform,For orders fulfilled on the platform, ginee does not create a sales outbound order and does not deduct inventory, lazada is the product dimension, shopee and tokopedia are the order dimension
warehouse object Warehouse information, only for channels that support multiple warehouses (tiktok,shopee,lazada,tokopedia),See Warehouse Info

Logistics Info

Name Type Description
logisticsId string Logistics id
shippingType string Shipping type
logisticsProviderId string Logistics provider id
logisticsProviderName string The logistics service provider that the buyer selected for the order
logisticsTrackingNumber string The tracking number assigned by the shipping carrier for item shipment
packageId string Package id
invoiceNumber string Invoice number

ShippingDocument Info

Name Type Description
recipientAddress object Recipient address info,See RecipientAddress Info
sortCode object Sort code,See SortCode Info
serviceType string Logistics service type,EZ or ECO

RecipientAddress Info

Name Type Description
name string Recipient name
phone string Recipient phone
fullAddress string Recipient fullAddress

SortCode Info

Name Type Description
areaCode string Area code
zipCode string Zip code
hubCode string Hub code

Cancel Info

Name Type Description
cancelReason string Cancel reason
cancelReasonNote string Cancel reason note
canceledBy string Cancel by
canceledAt UTC timestamp Canceled time
operator string Operator

Extra Info

Name Type Description
country string Country
noteByBuyer string Buyer note
noteBySeller string Seller note
itemTotalWeight string Item total weight
dropShipperName string Drop shipper Name
dropShipperPhone string Drop shipper Phone
dropShipperNote string Drop Shipper Note
Name Type Description
invoicePrintStatus string Invoice print status,value has PRINTED、PRINTING、NOT_PRINTED
labelPrintStatus string Label print status,value has PRINTED、PRINTING、NOT_PRINTED
packingPrintStatus string Packing print status,value has PRINTED、PRINTING、NOT_PRINTED
pickingPrintStatus string Picking print status,value has PRINTED、PRINTING、NOT_PRINTED
labelPrintTime UTC timestamp label print time

Warehouse Info

Name Type Description
id string Ginee warehouse id
externalWarehouseId string Channel warehouse id
warehouseName string Warehouse Name
province string Province
city string City
district string District
postalCode string Postal code
address string Address

Request Example


curl -X POST  \
-H "X-Advai-Country: ID" \
-H "Authorization: {Your Access Key} + ':' + signature" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
    "orderIds": ["SO649BE10F4CEDFD00019F1A2B"]
    }' \
"{Ginee Host}/openapi/order/v1/batch-get"


    "code": "SUCCESS",
    "message": "成功",
    "data": [
            "orderId": "SO649BE10F4CEDFD00019F1A2B",
            "channel": "SHOPEE",
            "shopId": "SH64424C3BC9E77C0001B0E71B",
            "orderType": "NORMAL",
            "orderStatus": "SHIPPING",
            "country": "ID",
            "currency": "IDR",
            "fakerOrder": "false",
            "totalAmount": 608000.0,
            "paymentMethod": "Prepaid",
            "payAt": null,
            "promisedToShipBefore": null,
            "createAt": "2023-06-28T07:28:15Z",
            "lastUpdateAt": "2023-06-28T12:37:31Z",
            "externalShopId": "GE1-70000",
            "externalOrderId": "8760904",
            "externalOrderSn": "266776275",
            "externalOrderStatus": "shipped",
            "externalCreateAt": "2023-06-28T06:28:14Z",
            "externalUpdateAt": "2023-06-28T11:37:23Z",
            "closeAt": null,
            "customerName": null,
            "totalQuantity": null,
            "nextCursor": null,
            "outboundNo": null,
            "customerInfo": {
                "customerId": "CTM6492A69D46E0FB00018BD40A",
                "externalCustomerId": null,
                "name": "Golden Crown",
                "mobile": "+62 81311213123",
                "email": null
            "paymentInfo": {
                "currency": "IDR",
                "totalAmount": 608000.0,
                "subTotal": 431147.0,
                "totalShippingFee": 10000.0,
                "totalTaxation": 50462.0,
                "insuranceFee": null,
                "totalDiscounts": 88800.0,
                "codTotalAmount": null,
                "shippingFeePaidBySystem": 88800.0,
                "waybillUrl": null,
                "commissionFee": null,
                "totalDiscountProduct": null,
                "totalDiscountShipping": null,
                "voucherPlatform": null,
                "voucherSeller": null,
                "sellerRebate": null,
                "serviceFee": null,
                "creditCardPromotion": null,
                "creditCardTransactionFee": null,
                "creditCardServiceFee": null,
                "sellerReturnRefundAmount": null,
                "cashback": null,
                "coin": null
            "shippingAddressInfo": {
                "name": "Edho ****** 6",
                "phoneNumber": "+62 81******123",
                "country": "Indonesia",
                "province": "DKI Jakarta",
                "city": "Jakarta Barat",
                "district": "Taman Sari",
                "zipCode": "11110",
                "fullAddress": "Glodok **** Lantai"
            "senderAddressInfo": null,
            "billingAddressInfo": {
                "name": "Edho Lobby Hotel Golden Crown Lantai 6",
                "phoneNumber": "+62 81311213777",
                "country": "Indonesia",
                "province": "DKI Jakarta",
                "city": "Jakarta Barat",
                "district": "Taman Sari",
                "zipCode": "11110",
                "fullAddress": "Glodok Plaza, Pinangsia Raya No 116 Lobby Hotel Golden Crown Lantai 6   "
            "items": [
                    "itemId": "OI649BE10F4CEDFD00019FBF88",
                    "productName": "Celana chino panjang cino slim fit PINGGANG KARET krem tua houseofcuff",
                    "productImageUrl": "",
                    "variationName": "27 in",
                    "spu": "",
                    "sku": "CHINO SLIM FIT WAIST RUBBER DARK CREAM 27",
                    "masterSku": "CHINO SLIM FIT WAIST RUBBER DARK CREAM 27",
                    "masterSkuType": "NORMAL",
                    "quantity": 1,
                    "actualPrice": 121165.0,
                    "actualTotalPrice": 121165.0,
                    "originalPrice": 159000.0,
                    "originalTotalPrice": 159000.0,
                    "discountedPrice": 0.0,
                    "orderItemStatus": null,
                    "externalItemId": "14549773",
                    "externalProductId": null,
                    "externalVariationId": "CHINO SLIM FIT WAIST RUBBER DARK CREAM 27",
                    "externalOrderItemStatus": "shipped",
                    "isGift": false,
                    "isFulfilByPlatform": false,
                    "warehouse": {
                        "id": "WW6572A6A3DC0E82000102B8CE",
                        "externalWarehouseId": "1099123929",
                        "warehouseName": "warehouse1",
                        "district": "KEBON JERUK",
                        "city": "KOTA JAKARTA BARAT ",
                        "province": "DKI JAKARTA    ",
                        "postalCode": "11510",
                        "address": "Taman Harapan Baru blok L2/7"
            "logisticsInfos": [
                    "logisticsId": "OL649BE10F4CEDFD00019FBF8E",
                    "shippingType": "Dropshipping",
                    "logisticsProviderId": null,
                    "logisticsProviderName": "JNE - CASHLESS",
                    "logisticsTrackingNumber": "0120242301059757",
                    "packageId": "12486004",
                    "invoiceNumber": null,
                    "nlc": null
            "shippingDocumentInfo": {
                "recipientAddress": {
                    "name": "Edho Lobby Hotel Golden Crown Lantai 6",
                    "phone": "+62 81311213123",
                    "fullAddress": "Glodok Plaza, Pinangsia Raya No 116 Lobby Hotel Golden Crown Lantai"
                "sortCode": {
                "serviceType": "EZ"
            "cancelInfo": {
                "cancelReason": null,
                "cancelReasonNote": null,
                "cancelBy": null,
                "canceledAt": null,
                "operator": null
            "extraInfo": {
                "country": "ID",
                "noteByBuyer": null,
                "noteBySeller": null,
                "itemTotalWeight": null,
                "dropShipperName": null,
                "dropShipperPhone": null,
                "dropShipperNote": null
            "printInfo": {
                "invoicePrintStatus": "PRINTED",
                "labelPrintStatus": "PRINTED",
                "packingPrintStatus": "PRINTED",
                "pickingPrintStatus": "PRINTED",

    "extra": null,
    "transactionId": "dd0779d6a6229d9f",
    "pricingStrategy": "PAY"

Empty Response with not exist orders

    "code": "SUCCESS",
    "message": "OK",
    "data": [],
    "extra": null