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Use this api to get the result of asynchronously deleting the specified product.

GET /openapi/product/master/v1/delete-result

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
taskId string true Task id with delete product

Response Parameters

Name Type Description
taskId string task id
status string Delete status,please refer to Delete Status for details
errorMsg string Error message
failExcelUrl string Fail Excel Url
total Integer Task total number
successNum Integer Success number
failNum Integer Failed number
failProductIds array(string) Failed product is list

Request Example


curl --location --request GET '{Ginee Host}/openapi/product/master/v1/delete-result?taskId=D_TASK_DELETE_MASTER_PRODUCT_1485262862233505792' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'X-Advai-Country: ID' \
--header 'Authorization: 2aedf7919e5e6cb4:n0IECNXloTKCTSSxeBEYhzmeVClHmgvw4ruI3W2f9eY=' \


    "code": "SUCCESS",
    "message": "成功",
    "data": {
        "taskId": "D_TASK_DELETE_MASTER_PRODUCT_1485262862233505792",
        "status": "IN_PROCESS",
        "errorMsg": null,
        "failExcelUrl": null,
        "total": 0,
        "successNum": 0,
        "failNum": 0,
        "failProductIds": null
    "extra": null

Invalid parameters

    "code": "PARAMETER_ERROR",
    "message": "error message",
    "data": null,
    "extra": null


You need to check the code to see if the operation was successful. If failed, see message for detail reason.