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Use this api to get the specified product details.

GET /openapi/product/master/v1/get

Request Parameters

Parameter Type Required Description
productId string true The product id in Ginee

Response Parameters

Name Type Description
productId string Product id in Ginee
name string Product name
fullCategoryId array(string) Full category id
fullCategoryName array(string) Full category name
masterVariationType string Master variation type (NORMAL,BUNDLE)
masterProductStatus string Master product status,please refer to Product Status for details
images array(string) images
delivery Delivery Delivery info
costInfo CostInfo Cost info
shortDescription string Short description
description string Description
brand string brand
saleStatus string Product sale status,please refer to Sale Status for details
genieProductCondition string Ginee product Condition (NEW,USED)
variantOptions array(VariantOption) Variant options
variations array(MasterVariationDetailVO) Master variation Detail
extraInfo ProductExtraInfo Extra Info
createDatetime UTC timestamp Create date time
updateDatetime UTC timestamp Update date time
minPurchase integer Minimum purchase quantity
skusDeletable boolean Whether the SKU can be deleted

Request Example


curl --location --request GET '{Ginee Host}/openapi/product/master/v1/get?productId=MP60C1F538EE3588000147F0D2' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--header 'X-Advai-Country: ID' \
--header 'Authorization: 2aedf7919e5e6cb4:n0IECNXloTKCTSSxeBEYhzmeVClHmgvw4ruI3W2f9eY=' \


    "code": "SUCCESS",
    "message": "成功",
    "data": {
        "productId": "MP60C1F538EE3588000147F0D2",
        "name": "test00222222222222222222",
        "fullCategoryId": [],
        "fullCategoryName": [],
        "masterVariationType": "NORMAL",
        "masterProductStatus": "PENDING_REVIEW",
        "images": [
        "delivery": {
            "length": 1,
            "width": 1,
            "height": 1,
            "lengthUnit": "cm",
            "weight": 1000,
            "weightUnit": "g",
            "barcode": null
        "costInfo": {
            "sourceUrl": null,
            "purchasingTime": null,
            "purchasingTimeUnit": null,
            "salesTax": {
                "amount": 0,
                "currencyCode": "IDR"
        "shortDescription": null,
        "description": "1test002222222222222",
        "brand": null,
        "saleStatus": "FOR_SALE",
        "genieProductCondition": "NEW",
        "variantOptions": [],
        "variations": [
                "id": "MV60C1F538EE3588000147F0D3",
                "productName": "test00222222222222222222",
                "optionValues": [
                "sellingPrice": {
                    "amount": 100.000000,
                    "currencyCode": "IDR"
                "averageCostPrice": {
                    "amount": 0.000000,
                    "currencyCode": "IDR"
                "sku": "SHP5454",
                "images": [
                "status": "ACTIVE",
                "createFrom": null,
                "variationSkusToBind": [],
                "stock": {
                    "warehouseStock": 0,
                    "spareStock": 0,
                    "availableStock": 110,
                    "safetyStock": 0,
                    "safetyAlert": false
                "purchasePrice": null,
                "type": "NORMAL",
                "bundleVariations": null,
                "barcode": null,
                "stockTagStatus": {
                    "warehouseStatus": false,
                    "bundleStatus": null,
                    "stockSyncStatus": true
                "boundChannelVariationCount": 1
        "extraInfo": {
            "warranty": {
                "type": null,
                "period": null
            "preOrder": {
                "settingType": "PRODUCT_OFF",
                "timeToShip": null,
                "timeUnit": null
            "hasShelfLife": false,
            "shelfLifePeriod": null,
            "storageRestriction": null,
            "deliveryRestriction": null
        "createDatetime": "2021-06-10T11:19:20Z",
        "updateDatetime": "2021-06-10T11:19:20Z",
        "minPurchase": null,
        "skusDeletable": false
    "extra": null,
    "pricingStrategy": "PAY"

Invalid parameters

    "code": "PARAMETER_ERROR",
    "message": "error message",
    "data": null,
    "extra": null


You need to check the code to see if the operation was successful. If failed, see message for detail reason.